Interplay between lipid membranes, vesicles, and membrane proteins

Lipid membranes in cells can dynamically modify their shapes to facilitate the movement of cellular components and transport of materials. In this process, membrane-embedded proteins, as well as the mechanical parameters of the membranes like tension and fluidity, can influence the resulting shape changes and biochemical responses. We seek to understand the complex interplay between membranes and proteins by employing experimental platforms on which we observe their interactions at the single-molecule level.


  • Quantitative imaging of vesicle–protein interactions reveals close cooperation among proteins
    Minkwon Cha*, Sang Hyeok Jeong*, Jaehun Jung, Yoonjin Baeg, Sung-Soo Park, Seoyoon Bae, Chan Seok Lim, Jun Hyuk Park, Jie-Oh Lee, Yong Song Gho, Seung Wook Oh, Min Ju Shon
    Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 12, 12322 (2023)  [LINK]  [PDF]
  • Efficient labeling of vesicles with lipophilic fluorescent dyes via the salt-change method
    Minkwon Cha*, Sang Hyeok Jeong*, Seoyoon Bae*, Jun Hyuk Park, Yoonjin Baeg, Dong Woo Han, Sang Soo Kim, Jaehyeon Shin, Jeong Eun Park, Seung Wook Oh, Yong Song Gho, Min Ju Shon
    Analytical Chemistry 95, 5843–5849 (2023)  [LINK]  [PDF]