Current members

Min Ju Shon 손민주

  • Principal Investigator
    Dept. of Physics, POSTECH
    mjshon at

Ah-hyun Kim 김아현

  • Lab Manager
    Dept. of Physics, POSTECH
    jhand10 at

Minkwon Cha 차민권

  • Postdoctoral Associate
    Dept. of Physics, POSTECH

Tae-hyun Yang 양태현

  • PhD Student
    Dept. of Physics, POSTECH
    herb056 at
  • I received a bachelor's degree in physics from Kyung-Hee University in 2019 and am now a Ph.D student in the Shon lab. I am highly interested in the study of analyzing and regulating proteins from a physical perspective. I like to watch movies in my free time.

Jun Hyuk Park 박준혁

  • PhD Student
    Dept. of Physics, POSTECH
    zoon0726 at
  • BS in POSTECH. I studied CryoFM while I was undergraduate student. I am currently interested in tweezer experiments.


We are actively looking for new postdocs, PhD students, and undergraduate interns with a diverse background in physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering. If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail Min Ju Shon (mjshon at for more information.