Nano-Precision Mechano-Biology Group

Bringing nanoscale techniques
toward single-molecule mechanobiology

Biology is coordinated interactions of molecules. We investigate the mechanics of biological systems with nanoscale approaches at the single-molecule level. We employ existing techniques like molecular tweezers, fluorescence imaging, and nano/microfabrication, and develop new methods when necessary.


(2020/11) Our lab receives the 1st BioDrone Award from MDimune! We will be conducting research on cell-derived nano-vesicles. See: 매일경제, 네이버
(2020/10) Min Ju is now jointly appointed as a faculty member of I-Bio. We welcome people from both physics and biology!
(2020/9) Minkwon Cha joins the lab as the first postdoc. He was trained in single-molecule biophysics during his PhD at KAIST/SNU. He also knows how to handle wild cats. Welcome!
(2020/7) First members of the group! Tae-hyun Yang and Jun Hyuk Park from Physics Dept. join the lab as the first PhD students. Ah-hyun Kim also joins us as the lab manager and will take care of administrative work. Welcome you all!
(2020/7) The lab officially opens in POSTECH.
(2020/6) Lab construction has started, scheduled to finish in July. Seems like a lot of work.
(2020/4) Shon lab website has launched.